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The Development and Honor

In 2004, Beidou company was founded.
In 2006, Beidou was awarded as "2006 Trustworthy Enterprise" by Qinhuangdao Commerce and Industry Administration Bureau.
In 2006, the "multi-material automatic mixing ingredients packaging machine" was awarded Utility Model Patent Certificate.
In 2007, Beidou was accredited as high-tech enterprise by Hebei Province Science and Technology Department.
and was accredited as "2007 trustworthy enterprise" by Qinhuangdao Commerce and Industry Administration Bureau.
In May, it was accredted as "2006 Good credit enterprise" by Hebei Province Small and Medium-sized enterprise Credit Evaluation Committee.

In 2008, the company passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.
and was awarded as "excellent executive director" by Hebei Quality Information Association and Hebei Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.
and was awarded as "trustworthy enterprise" by Qinhuangdao Commerce and Industry Administration Bureau in 2007.
Furthermore, it was apraised as "member unit of integrity" and "unit with acceptable quality" by Hebei Quality Information Association.
In August, we obtained Certificate of Qualification of measurement capacity of Hebei province.
In September, our company was apraised as "the best agricultural material enterprise serving agriculture, farmer and rural areas", the meeting was held by the first organizing committee of summit meeting of agricultural industry.
In October, our company was apraised as "well-known brand enterprise of Qinhuangdao city" by Qinhuangdao Commerce and Industry Administration Bureau.
In October, we were awarded as a council member of Heilongjiang Soil and Fertilizer Association.
In November, we won "top 100 Fertilizer equpment manufacturers of China".
In December, we were apraised as a model innovative small and medium-sized enterprise by Hebei Small and Medium-sized Bureau.
In December, the "multi-material automatic batching & packing machine" produced by us won the small and medium-sized enterprise brand title of Hebei Province and won the trustworthy product of Small and Medium-sized enterprises in Hebei.
In December, we obtained the unit of fostering advantageous property rights.
In 2010, we won the "most influential brand" in the industry of Fertilizer machinery and equipment of China.
It was named "AAA brand enterprise of integrigy and quality."
In May, we were apraised as "deputy director unit" by National League of Fertilizer Machinery and Equipment Industry.
In August, we obtained "Chinese famous brand."

In March 2011, we were apraised as trustworthy supplier of China.
In July 2011, we were apraised as a pioneer unit in the industry of fertilizer equipment of China.
In September 2012, our product was apraised as recommanded product in the industry of compund fertilizer (bulk blending fertilizer equipment).
In December, we were rated as the top 50 enterprise of fertilizer equipment manufacturer of China. And was apraised as high-quality fertilizer equipment and technic servicing unit.
In May 2014, we were apraised as the model base of manufacturing BB fertilizer by National Fertilizer Industry.
In March 2015, the small-sized intelligent fertilizer distribution machine was succesfully tested and patented.
In May 2016, a small-dose powder weighing and packing machine was successfully tested and patented.

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