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Belt Conveyor Scale

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Belt Conveyor Scale

    Product Description:

    Belt Conveyor Scale

    Belt conveyor scale is a kind of high-tech product which integrates the functions of conveying, measuring and rationed control into ones. It is adaptive to various production environments, and is able to feed and measure the lump materials and granular materials (such as granular fertilizers, limestone and iron powder and so on) and powder materials (such as powder fertilizers, pulverized coal ash and concrete and so on), thus providing accurate measuring data for the production control and management in various industrial fields. The belt conveyor scale manufactured by Beidou is applicable to the industries of chemical fertilizer production, cement, metallurgy, chemical engineering, grains, building materials and so on. 

    Belt Conveyor Scale

    Quality Inspection before Leaving Factory

    Operation Field of Belt Conveyor Scale

    Operation Field of Belt Conveyor Scale


    1. High precision, resistant to corrosion, durable, and easy to operate

    2. During the operation, the belt does not run off track and materials does not fall off from belt. The measuring precision is high.

    3. The scale does not deform and measures at stable precision.

    4. The belt conveyor scale can be manually controlled and and automatically controlled by computer, and its speed can be individually controlled and regulated.

    5. Equipped with such functions as automatic adjustment of deviation, automatic tensioning and automatic cleaning

    6. The scale frame is simple and compact in structure, rigid, stable and sensitive, making it adaptive to severe working conditions and suitable for stable and long-term use. 



    Materials applicable



    Measuring range

    Measuring precision

    Measuring speed


    Operating temperature

    Belt scale

    Applicable to the automatic measuring of granular or powder fertilizers such as BB fertilizers, compound fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, urea, etc.


    2200 ×900 ×1000 mm

    0.2-30 t/h











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