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FG to Fast-track Quality Control of Fertilisers

FG to Fast-track Quality Control of Fertilisers The Federal Government has said that it would continue to uphold the tenets of the National Fertiliser Quality Control (NFQC) Act 2019 to fast-track the regulation and promotion of quality fertilisers(Qualified Fertilizer Plant) across the country. Permanent Secretary of the Federal Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), Dr. Abdulkadir Mu’azu disclosed this on Tuesday during an operationalisation meeting of the Act in Abuja. The meeting sought to […]

Data: An average 500 LMT of Fertilizer per year was used in India in the last 10 years

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Land is a limited resource. To ensure food security for a growing population and to meet increasing demand, it is imperative that there is adequate food production in the country. Chemical substances such as fertilizers and pesticides are used by farmers in a bid to increase crop yield. While pesticides help in getting rid of pests which usually attack crops, fertilizers are mixed with the soil so as to increase its fertility. Fertilizers contain essential […]

Top 20 Agricultural Producing Countries in The World|Granular Fertilizer Blends


Top 20 Agricultural Producing Countries in The World|Granular Fertilizer Blends The top 20 agricultural producing countries in the world are the top performers in world agriculture-a vital element for world livelihood. Agriculture is one of the indispensable sectors of the world economy which is not only one of the highest revenue earners worldwide, but also one which caters to the food requirement of the world. Being one of the core ndustries which is seldom hit […]

Packaging Equipment &Service|Professinal Packing System


Packaging Equipment &Service|Professional Packing System You must see kinds of packaging equipment availble on Alibaba or Amazon, even they were sold on B2B platform, and  do you know which machine is most appropriate for your fertilizer packaging process? Application Fertilizer has three forms, which are granular, power and liquid. Here we only talk about the first two. Obvirously, our packaging machine only can pack solid matertials, such as fertilizers, grain and feed. Pack Range From 5KG to […]

Quick Look – How do High-quality Organic Fertilizers Come About?


Quick Look – How do High-quality Organic Fertilizers Come About? The production of any kind of qualified organic fertilizer(Organic Fertilizer Machine) must go through the composting fermentation process. Composting fertilizer (Organic compost fertilizer machine)is a process in which organic matters are continuously degraded and stabilized under certain conditions through the action of microorganisms, and a product suitable for land use is produced. Compost fertilizer, as an ancient and simple method of disposing organic waste and fertilizer […]

How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect on Agricultural Development?


How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect on Agricultural Development? Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy and the top priority in economic and social development. Since the reform and opening up, China’s agricultural development level has been greatly improved, at the same time, it is faced with problems such as shortage of land resources, low degree of agricultural industrialization, severe situation of agricultural product quality and safety, and destruction of agricultural ecological environment. How to […]

A Navigator of NPK Fertilizer Equipment


A Navigator of NPK Fertilizer Equipment       With the increase of investment in agriculture of goverment, the production of BB fertilizer is raising day by day, so are the fertilizer equipment enterprises. We must admit that NPK fertilizer machine manufacturers have made great contributions to the development of fertilizers. But more questions come out, eg: there are many fertilizer equipment manufacturers who are not intend to produce good quality fertilizer machine, that directly leads to produce […]

Widely Applied of BB Fertilizer Machine in Agricultural Fields


Widely Applied of BB Fertilizer Machine in Agricultural Fields  Keyword: BB Fertilizer Machine; Chemical Fertilizer Equipment; NPK Fertilizer Production Line       In morden agricultural field, kinds of equipments need to be used, so that the corresponding operation will be more convenient in the implementation, it can be seen that the current agricultural development is fast, because of the use of these equipment which can also promote the pace of its development.       […]

Full-automatic WS Fertilizer Production Line


Full-automatic WS Fertilizer Production Line   Before introducing WS fertilizer production line, we should make it clear that what is WS fertilizer. WS fertilizer, the full name of water soluble fertilizer, also named powdery ws fertilizer, crystal fertilizer. It is a quick action fertilizer, featuring with good water solubility. It can get dissolved in water easily besides providing nutrients for plants before getting absorbed fast by the root of the plant. This kind of fertilizer is commonly used in […]

Laba Rice Porridge Festival

laba rice porridge

Laba Rice Porridge Festival Have you heard of “Laba Rice Porridge Festival” before? Do you know what does Chinese people eat on such festival? Today I would like to post an article about it. The day si also known as the Laba Rice Porridge Festival. The Laba this year falls on Jan 2. Three major customs on Laba are ancestor worship, eating Laba rice porridge and making Laba garlic. The worship of ancestors, called “腊” […]

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