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Belt-scale-batching Fertilizer Blending Line

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Belt-scale-batching Fertilizer Blending Line

    Product Description:

    Belt Scale Batching Fertilizer Blending Line

    The belt-scale batching and fertilizer blending line is the most advanced BB fertilizer production line which is researched and developed by our company based on the actual needs of fertilizer manufactures as well as years of experience in field use of equipment. 


    All solid forms of fertilizers including granules, prills and powders(DAP, MAP, GTSP, NPK, Potash, Urea and Micronutrients)

    Outstanding features of the equipment:

    1. Microcomputer-controlled of complete fertilizer lines

    2. Continuous mass batching and packaging

    3. High accurate fertilizer ingredient data on blending and packaging

    4. Productivity: 240~600 tons/ 8-hour shifts

    The belt-scale batching and fertilizer blending line is technologically advanced and highly automated, which allows a mass production, accurate packaging and easy operation. In the design, the labor intensity for fertilizer feeding has been fully considered. The 30-40 t/h fertilizer blending production line, with the resistance to corrosion, has a long service life. Being microcomputer-controlled, it also saves manpower. The equipment has a high cost performance, thus customers can change formula as required.

    Belt-scale-batching Fertilizer Blending System Schematic Diagram

    Belt scale batching fertilizer blending line
    belt scale batching fertilizer blending line
    bulk blending fertilizer system
    bb fertilizer blending plant

    Operation Field of  Belt-scale-batching Fertilizer Blending System


    Automatic and simultaneous batching for kinds of raw materials→conveyed to→blending by blender→automatic packaging→sack sewing→finished product delivered;

    The belt-scale batching and fertilizer blending line is able to satisfy the demands of manufacturers with a large production.

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