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Floor Batching Fertilizer Blending Line

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Floor Batching Fertilizer Blending Line

    Product Description:

        Floor Batching Fertilizer Blending Line

         BPHB - the whole set of BB (bulk blending) fertilizer blending equipment, also referred to as floor-batching fertilizer blending line, is a kind of utility-type equipment with the functions of automatic batching, automatic blending and automatic packaging specially developed by Beidou according to the practical problems occurring in chemical fertilizer plants and agricultural materials companies. It is mainly used in the granular fertilizer batching, blending and packaging. 

         The 15-20 t/h fertilizer blending production line, with a small occupation of land and a low power consumption,  is highly automated. The fertilizer will not go damp due to a short time exposure to air. The equipment, easily operated, is able to make fertilizers evenly blended and accurately weighed and packed. During the design, the labor intensity for fertilizer feeding and the anti-corrosion for equipment have been fully considered, thus saving manpower. The equipment has a long service life and a high cost performance. The customers can change the formula as required.

    bulk blending fertilizer equipment

    Floor-batching Fertilizer Blending Line

    Bulk Blending Fertilizer System 


    All solid forms of fertilizers including granules, prills and powders(NPK, DAP, MAP, GTSP, Potash, AN, AS, KNO3, Urea and Micronutrients)


    1. Batching and blending ranging from 200kg to 300kg each batch

    2. Productivity: 80~240 tons/8 shift

    3. Intelligent control system with flexible formula and easy manipulation

    4. The blending equipment features blocking-free, sticking-free and uniform blending

    5. Special design makes it feasible in extreme environment such as low temperature and high humidity

    6.  Formula is adjustable 


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