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Organic compost fertilizer machine

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 Organic compost fertilizer machine

    Product Description:

     Organic compost fertilizer machine

    Our business starts with farmers and fertilizer manufacturers.We partner with them, providing fertilizer machine and know-how to help them produce larger and better harvests. We sell blended fetilizer machine, water soluble fertilizer equipment and potassium (NPK) fertilizer formulas production line, mixed fertilizer machinery ,organic compost fertilizer machine and belt conveyor scale and packaging scale products.

    Organic compost fertilizer machine diagram

    Product Description:

        To use chicken and pig mature as raw material, organic production line is a kind of equipment to produce organic fertilizer. In the process of producing, people should firstly add some rice bran, yest, soybean meal and sugar as raw material, and then add a certain amount of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate and other substances, finally those two kinds of materials will have a set of fermentation reaction to produce biological fertilizer(what is said organic fertilizer).


    1. High yield, low consumption, easy operation

          2. Efficient compound strains and high technology

    3. Advanced raw material deployment technology and biological fermentation system

    4. Special fertilizer formula technology 

        (which can take the best combination of fertilizer according to the features of local soil and crop)

    5. Reasonably control the secondary pollution



         Bulk blending fertilizer production line

         Water soluble fertilizer production line

         Fertilizer granulator machinery

         Mixer/blender machine series

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