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Mixed Granular Fertilizer Machine

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Mixed Granular Fertilizer Machine

    Product Description:

    Mixed Granular Fertilizer Machine

     Mixed granular fertilizer machine provides solution to farmers to have the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, potash, and micro nutrients.With increased use of soil analysis and scientific crop management, fertilizer blending is often the best solution to provide farmers exactly what their crops require.



    1.Remotely control your fertilizer machine on your phones

    2.Little occupation of land and being environmentally-friendly

    3.Automatic batching, measuring, blending and packaging with precise data

    4.Easy operation and we supply customers aftersales service

    A:Batching system
    1. Speedy and continuous 
    2. Underground design makes  feeding convenient and allows fewer worker and increases efficiency 
    3. Corrosion resistant
    4. Highly batching precision (±0.2%)

    B: Blending system
    1. Continuous blending process
    2. Ensure blending even and uniform
    3. Screen netting removes impurities such as thread residue, off size granules, etc. 
    4. Causes nearly no harm to materials

    C: Packaging system
    1.  More precise (±0.2% )
    2.  Running stable and durable 
    3.  Empty bag checking
    4.  High-precision digital weighing sensor 
    5.  Weighing range:5kg~50kg

    We offer a variety of styles and sizes of fertilizer bulk blending systems to best fit our clients requirements based on their:
    Blend complexity
    Tons per hour & per year requirements
    Space availability
    Labor strength & cost
    Level of automation
    Local climate
    Raw materials

    Aftersales service

    1. Inspection work must be done before delivery

    2. Send customer on-site loading photos on time

    3. 2-3 technical srews to be dispatched for installation and debug work

    4. Your operators will be trained by our screws

    5. Satisfaction survey

    Some of key equipments of this plant

    · Single shaft Mixer

    · Bucket elevator

    · Belt feeder

    · Truck loader

    · Packing Plant

    · PLC System

    · Instruments compatible with PLC


    Mixed Granular Fertilizer Machine

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