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Rationed packaging scale for granular fertilizer mass batching

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Rationed packaging scale for granular fertilizer mass batching

    Product Description:

    Rationed packaging scale for granular fertilizer mass batching


    Specially designed for weighing and packing formula fertilizer, urea, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer, rice, grain and other granular materials, also suitable for phosphate fertilizer, flour, gypsum powder, white ash, fly ash, PVC and other materials with good or bad fluidity in powder form.


    The equipment is a patented product of Beidou company. It adopts static measuring for mass batching, which ensures a higher capacity and higher efficiency. Thanks to the intelligent weighing control, the parameters can be conveniently adjusted and set; the compensating feed and zero setting can be automatically controlled; the flow rates for coarse fertilizers and fine fertilizers are adjustable. The high-performance sensor, highly adaptive is able to process CPU data at a high speed.

    The main frame of the equipment is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, making it adaptive to extreme environment. The equipment is compactly designed, which facilitates a fast batching and blending. For that reason, fertilizers will not go damp easily due to a short-time exposure to air, thus greatly reducing the influence of humid air on BB fertilizer production. Besides, the equipment has also solved the problem of fertilizer mixture separation which frequently occurs to common equipment due to the difference in fertilizer proportion and granularity, thus improving the batching precision. 

    On-site Rationed Packaging Scale

    Parameter of rationed packaging scale

    Series products:

    The most advanced BB fertilizer production line; After-sales supported water soluble fertilizer production line; Bagging closer system.

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