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Floor-batching Water Soluble Fertilizer Line

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Floor-batching Water Soluble Fertilizer Line

    Product Description:

    Floor-batching Water Soluble Fertilizer Line

    The complete equipment for water soluble fertilizer blending is a new generation of fully automatic batching equipment with the functions of batching, blending and packaging, which is specially researched and developed based on the experience in the manufacturing of formula fertilizer equipment at home and abroad as well as on customer feedback. The static measuring by ground belt has solved the problem of big error caused by common belt measuring and the problem of mixture separation caused by the difference in material proportion and granularity, thus improving the production and precision of batching. 

    Schematic Map of  Drip Irrigation Fertilizer production line

    Operation Field of Drip Irrigation Fertilizer production line

    Innovation points:

    Bodies are resistant to corrosion and water-proof. The feeding part is easy of operation, and workers only need to feed materials.

      This plant is mainly composed of
          1. Urea crusher (Availble)

    2. Storage silo for raw material

    3. Batching scale

    4. blending machine(Key part)

    5. Automatic packing scale

    Features of Water Soluble Fertilizer Blending Equipment

    1. Highly automated and accurate batching fertilizer ingredient

    2. No material jamming or adhesion, little dust, no sudden discharge of powder fertilizer 

    3. Flexible formula, and easy operation

    4. Resistant to corrosion and dampness, durable, and long service life

    5. Small occupation of land and low power consumption

    Live videos of operation

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